A chems & alcohol ‘prep-for-the-holidays’ workshop

The extended holiday season is a great time for some. For others, it can be more mixed, or worse.

It can be a lonely, isolated time.

Or about complicated family gatherings.

It can be a triggering time, old memories.

It can seem like a bubble of time, not ‘real life’.

It can seem like party time.

And sometimes our use of chems and alcohol can get out of hand.

This casual and friendly group workshop is a place to be mindful of the coming days and weeks.

And to prepare; create some boundaries about how much or how little we’d like chems & alcohol to be a part of the coming days. Plan how we’d actually like to spend the holiday break, day by day.

Together, we’ll all make our own personal plans to get through the holiday season safely.


Simply walk in, or email to RSVP (or to ask questions.)

5pm to 6.30pm, Monday 23rd December.