Multi-agency chemsex professionals peer support group

About the group.

This is a space for colleagues/therapists and other healthcare professionals working with chemsex clients/patients, who might like to participate in a supportive, peer supervision group. 
The group has been created by Stephen Morris and David Stuart.
Stephen Morris is a forensic psychotherapist working with sexual offenders for HMPPS (Her Majesty’s Prison’s & Probation Service); he is also the Chemsex and sexual crimes lead; a new post responding to the increase in chemsex related offenses passing through the criminal justice system.

David Stuart is a recognised expert in chemsex, an activist and advocate for better gay sex and better gay/Queer communities, and manages the chemsex support services at 56 Dean Street.
The first group was attended by probation officers and therapists, many of whom felt a need to share some of the trauma of their work with a supportive group. We felt many of them could benefit from a broader range of multi-disciplines which are associated with chemsex. We are creating a supportive forum of peers, as we see chemsex presentations become more and more chaotic each year. 

Just to emphasise; The number of chemsex related sexual crime cases coming through the criminal justice system has increased dramatically in recent times. Officers within HMPPS are facing immense challenges in relation to, risk management, case complexity, the serious nature of the offences involved and the degree of associated trauma. Similarly, chemsex presentations within healthcare agencies are becoming increasingly more problematic and chaotic. Chemsex related deaths are increasing, and having a complex impact on communities, but also upon healthcare providers.

The peer supervision model is to enable mutual support in working with the level of chaotic and complex presentation. It is not clinical supervision and appropriate confidentiality boundaries will be in place in order to support effective and ethical practice. Emphasis will also be on the impact of the work on out thinking and capacity.

The group provides a useful opportunity to gain a wider awareness of the issues our shared clients experience in the hope that we will be more able to be there for them in compassion and wisdom.
MORRIS, S. STUART, D. 2018. Interagency Professionals Chemsex and Crime Peer Support Group