Daily Email Commitments

Daily Emailing commitment plan

An invitation. To commit to not using for the coming 24 hours, supported with daily correspondence.

Message us every day, with 2 sentences

  1. “I commit to not using for the next 24 hours”.


  1. “My motivation (reason) for not using is…” Try to be affirmative, rather than negative; eg; “I’m motivated because I hate comedowns” but “I’m motivated by being fresh and on my game next week.”.

Do this every day. This is the contract we agree.

We will respond every day, seven days a week. We commit to that.

  1. If you want to change the contract; if you decide you do want to do drugs… that’s cool; it’s your decision. But let’s make a contract that IF you do, you.. email us first. Commit to 30 minutes of reflection, considering the consequences of this choice.

Then email us.

Tell us “Hi chems support team; I’m changing my contract; I’ve decided to do drugs today. I’ve thought about it, reflected upon it for 30 minutes; I considered how I’ll feel tomorrow, I’ve considered the cost, I’ve considered other consequences… and I choose to change the contract/do drugs today

We won’t argue with you, we won’t try to change your mind. We’ll kindly just acknowledge that you’ve changed the contract.

The purpose of this is to help you distinguish between a choice made in an emotional, triggered moment (a compulsive response to a craving) and a calm, considered, reflective choice that you are happy to take ownership of. So spending 30+ minutes reflecting on the choice to use drugs, considering the consequences, considering tomorrow morning, and then emailing us a change of contract… means they are not breaking the contract, just cognitively renegotiating the contract; and then there is no sense of failure, which would be unhelpful to this process.

That’s the contract we invite you to.

Because we have many dozens of patients signed up to this contract ,and because we want this to be a boundaried and safe correspondence, we ask that you just stick to the two sentences; that you do not elaborate, do not message us when high on drugs or after drinking alcohol; just keep it simple and focused on the two sentences. Don’t copy and paste the same thing every day; keep it authentic, type it fresh. But keep it simple; your commitment to the 24 hour contract, the reason it’s important to you. Plus of course, the “change of contract” message, if that becomes the case; see below).


If you choose to accept this offer; let us know. It’s a big commitment, but it can be very helpful to those who are feeling like they are losing control of the CHOICE to use drugs.

Email to david.stuart@chelwest.nhs.uk

(Note; emails are a less secure means of communication than SMS/text fax and Royal Mail. Our NHS Trust cannot guarantee that messages won’t be intercepted after they have left our server. But if you consent to email correspondence, we are pleased to provide this support.)


Happy to help.