The Thrive Foundation: HIV As A Catalyst For Change

We all know the disastrous impact an HIV diagnosis can have on someone’s life. Many tales of isolation, addiction, destructiveness, anxiety and depression can be linked back to that fateful moment at the sexual health clinic. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, when people are given the understanding, tools, space and Read more >>

Power – Sex – Identity: What I’ve learnt about power from facilitating workshops on sexuality. Phoebus Ebbini

Power means a lot of things to a lot of people.  But what seems clear (from thinkers like Foucault), is that power is pervasive, and power dynamics are present in all relationships. Power in couples Identities of ‘dominant’ or ‘submissive’ seem to be fairly coherent and straightforward, especially when it comes to sexual roles, but Read more >>

PrEP, STIs and kidney monitoring

PrEP, STIs and kidney monitoring   It’s really clear now that PrEP protects against HIV if it’s taken properly. Recently the number of new HIV infections has started to go down, particularly in London, and we think that PrEP has a lot to do with this. Unfortunately, rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are going Read more >>

The Ducks

A short story by Ian Hembury, an attendee of our creative writing group LGBT’s the Word. The Ducks   Standing together at the edge, looking down at mucky lifeless water, Alan groaned and thrust his fists into his pockets.  “The ducks was everything,” he said.    He stared. “The ducks was our work, our friends, Read more >>

Encountering the Intolerable – A View from Groupwork

  Our instinctive response to the intolerable is to turn away.  And so we structure our lives in ways that help us evade those aspects that we would rather not face – whether with: apparently trivial strategies (eg. distracting ourselves on social media, reading, watching tv, going to the gym, etc); or more problematic strategies Read more >>

Cumming Full Circle; A Positive Blog By James Harris

  \James Harris/ Hidden within my closet were two things, my Sexual orientation and my interrelationship with Sex; at Twenty-Four I begin to unshackle these Demons. My sexual orientation came out first in a boast of make up alongside a raucously rebellious response to life. Donned “Gay James” from the age of Twelve I was Read more >>

Calling All Queer Warriors

//Robert Holtom\\ Last summer I spent a week in the Welsh countryside. I slept in a big yurt and under a tarp, I did some fasting and I met a bunch of great people. The landscape was beautiful – we were staying in a re-wilding valley, meaning that nature was slowly reclaiming the space that Read more >>

Let’s Talk About PrEP

//Michael Mancinelli\\ “Taking PrEP is an important method many gay men are using to reduce their chances of getting HIV”. Or, “Taking PrEP means you’re risky with sex and can’t bother to use a condom”. Working at 56 Dean Street, we hear both points of view, and many others, when it comes to guys taking Read more >>

The copulating crackhead of St. Kilda

\\Brandon Cook// Three years ago, an old tutor of mine wrote a piece about his alcoholism – aptly titled The Copulating Pisshead Of Brunswick – in which he reminisced upon the circumstances that led to the image of him naked in a sink with face burrowed in tomorrow’s regret, along with his desire to quit the drink. Read more >>