Alcohol use workshop

Have you been reflecting on your drinking lately? Whether it’s home alone, social drinking, or everyday drinking, it can sometimes increase without us noticing. So it’s good to stop once in a while and check in. Check if it is affecting things like; finances health mornings after work relationships/friendships. Sometimes a habit can develop where Read more >>

“Sauvage” film screening

Impulse London is hosting a free, exclusive screening of Camille Vidal-Naquet’s ‘Sauvage’, followed by a Q&A with David Stuart from 56 Dean Street and Kayden Gray from Impulse London. The film is about a gay male sex worker looking for love and has all the ingredients of a regressive, reactionary disaster. However, Camille Vidal-Naquet gracefully Read more >>

Tumulus, play at Soho theatre

The Dean Street Wellbeing programme is proudly supporting the second run of “Tumulus”, showing at Soho theatre for dates in April and May. There will be post show discussions to explore some of the complex themes within the play. TUMULUS· (visit Facebook page) When I first read the news I was shocked George was an Read more >>

All that our communities offer

We invite you to an event inspired by the social needs of many of our patients who seek community, friendships and connection beyond chemsex and hook-up culture. We are bringing together some people to celebrate and share some of the diverse and alternative recreational, sporting and social options for gay men in London. There is Read more >>

Sober sex training, for sex workers

Many of our community’s gay escorts, masseurs and tactile sex therapists are adapting the services they provide to include sober sex skills specifically for gay men adjusting to sober sex after a time dedicated to chems and chemsex. 56 Dean Street is hosting a workshop about sober sex especially for those escorts, masseurs & tactile Read more >>

Dan Skili hosts the Gay and Bisexual Men’s Wellness and Support Group on MeetUp – with almost 300 members. Dan writes a little more detail about the groups for our Community Blog, below. “We are celebrating nearly 18 months of our group: Gay & Bi-sexual Men’s Wellness and Support Group on MeetUp – with almost Read more >>

Multi-agency chemsex professionals peer support group

About the group. This is a space for colleagues/therapists and other healthcare professionals working with chemsex clients/patients, who might like to participate in a supportive, peer supervision group. The group has been created by Stephen Morris and David Stuart. Stephen Morris is a forensic psychotherapist working with sexual offenders for HMPPS (Her Majesty’s Prison’s & Probation Read more >>

I Want to be Sexy, by Brandon Cook

  All I want is to be the sexiest lad in all the lands.   It’s why my jockstrap collection is growing. It’s why every few months I pick up some weights in an attempt to look less like a twink, only to put them down again in a huffing sweat after a solid five Read more >>

“Tina and I”, by Charlotte Fine

I watched you turn a Scientist into a hyper manic. Apparently you’re more addictive than crack. I used to scowl at the rumours of your chaos in QX Magazine. The police mugshots of who you claimed. I watched documentaries where addicts in rehab would “90 percent” relapse. I had a drug dealer say he was Read more >>

A matter of chemistry. A chemsex snapshot.

By Mario Forgione.     “I wish I was able to say no”, he muttered, while he hesitantly handed his pipe to me, the moment I said I wasn’t in the mood for drugs and that I had no desire to get high. I only wanted to meet him in person to establish if the connection Read more >>