Weekly email commitments

Weekly Emailing commitment plan An invitation. Copy/paste these into an email, to david.stuart@chelwest.nhs.uk Message us every week, with 2 sentences “I commit to not using over the weekend and coming seven days“ And “My motivation (reason) for not using is…” Try to be affirmative, rather than negative; eg; “I’m motivated because I hate comedowns” but Read more >>

Daily Email Commitments

Daily Emailing commitment plan An invitation. Copy/paste these into an email to david.stuart@chelwest.nhs.uk First of all; Click through the prompts of this learning tool. Then. Message us every day, with 2 sentences “I commit to not using for the next 24 hours”. And “My motivation (reason) for not using is…” Try to be affirmative, rather Read more >>

Chemsex weekly email check-ins

How to check in weekly by email with your chems advisor. Respond to following questions (copy paste them into an email; send to david.stuart@chelwest.nhs.uk ). 1 Did you achieve your goals re chems use in the last 7 days?     2. How did you experience & manage your cravings in the last 7 days? What Read more >>

Chemsex clinics during COVID-19 outbreak

During the coronavirus outbreak, to support the urgent period of social distancing, we have closed the chemsex walk-in service. But if you are concerned about your use or your support needs, there are a number of ways in which we can support you: “I think ‘ll be fine until the social distancing recommendations change”. That’s great. Read more >>

Screen Time locks for iPhones & Android

Screen Time Limit settings. To limit time spent on sex Apps.  (Some other phones have similar settings, sometimes under “Digital Wellbeing” or “Screen-time”.) Part 1; instructions for iPhones If you find you are using sex-Apps compulsively, many iPhones have a setting that limits screen time on specific Apps, and locks it with a passcode. The Read more >>

Chemsex Snapshot; anecdotal update, Oct 2019

Typically between 40 and 60 walk in presentations per week Almost consistent ART adherence among HIV positive attendees Estimated 80 to 90% PrEP use amongst HIV negative attendees, thanks to PRIME. PrEP adherence seems 100% consistent Not seen any remarkable rise in HCV Consistent committed injectors are still the minority, but we are seeing a Read more >>

App Use Diary

  The interactivity and stimulation of Apps (particularly sex Apps) can stimulate the ’Reward centre’ of our brains, where dopamine is released. A bit like gambling, like sugary/fatty foods, and like drugs and alcohol. And we can begin to use them compulsively. We can begin to spend more time on them, excited by the arousal Read more >>

A chems & alcohol ‘prep-for-the-holidays’ workshop

The extended holiday season is a great time for some. For others, it can be more mixed, or worse. It can be a lonely, isolated time. Or about complicated family gatherings. It can be a triggering time, old memories. It can seem like a bubble of time, not ‘real life’. It can seem like party Read more >>

World AIDS Day events, 2019

For this year’s World AIDS Day Dec 1st, the 56 Dean Street is hosting a week of events. Wed 27th Nov, 5pm; free film screening, Crystal City. A film about meth addiction and recovery; we are screening this film especially for London’s Twelve Step Recovery community. Trailer here. More details about the event here. Thursday Read more >>

Alcohol use workshop; for people wanting to make changes.

            Have you been reflecting on your drinking lately? Whether it’s home alone, social drinking, or everyday drinking, it can sometimes increase without us noticing. So it’s good to stop once in a while and check in. Check if it is affecting things like; finances health mornings after work relationships/friendships. Read more >>