All that our communities offer

We invite you to an event inspired by the social needs of many of our patients who seek community, friendships and connection beyond chemsex and hook-up culture.

We are bringing together some people to celebrate and share some of the diverse and alternative recreational, sporting and social options for gay men in London.

There is an enormous range of social, sporting, fun and friendly groups and activities for gay/queer men in London, beyond the more easily-findable bar and club scenes.

These groups and activities are becoming increasingly important  as more men pursue intimacies & connections beyond chemsex, beyond hook-up culture; or seek to manage the isolation that can be associated with lives spent online.

Join us for an event that celebrates these groups; meet some guys who enjoy them/organise them – or to make your own contribution.

The event will be at 20th century Fox, Soho Square

Wednesday 17th April, 6pm to 7.30pm

To join us, please RSVP to