Alcohol use workshop; for people wanting to make changes.







Have you been reflecting on your drinking lately?

Whether it’s home alone, social drinking, or everyday drinking, it can sometimes increase without us noticing.

So it’s good to stop once in a while and check in.

Check if it is affecting things like;

  • finances
  • health
  • mornings after
  • work
  • relationships/friendships.

Sometimes a habit can develop where we feel like we need it to socialise at all.

And sometimes, these considerations can feel a bit scary.

It needn’t be scary.

It’s helpful once in a while to reflect on our alcohol use, and become more conscious of its pleasures and consequences.

But in a safe space, with a kind helper.

With no commitment to making changes at all.

Then IF (and that can be a big if)… If you want to make some changes…

a kind helper can help you to make gentle, small changes, really slowly, and at your own pace.

Join us on Thursday 12th Dec, 5.30 to 7pm at 56 Dean Street for a small group workshop; to gently and kindly discuss these things, and leave with a plan for change that suits you, or at very least, feeling better informed and less ‘fearful’ of making changes in the future. This is not a discussion group, or support group; it is a workshop for people wanting to make changes to their current alcohol use.


Simply walk in on the afternoon; though please note; no entry after 5.30pm. It would be disruptive to those revealing vulnerabilities within the group, and we do want attendees to feel safe. If you’d like more information, or a personal invitation, email


Thursday 12th December, 5.30 to 7pm at 56 Dean Street