The É Talon burlesque dancers

É Talon is a new sensual all male burlesque show, celebrating both the masculine and feminine qualities of male artists.
Wearing high heels and designer underwear, The Stallions bring their unique style of gay culture to the West End this Monday. Look beyond the talented men in underwear and you will find the hidden message; it will challenge the stereotypes that society holds on to todays “Man”. Toying with male fashion trends, traditional male dance techniques and other social standards that is ‘expected’ of the ‘perfect’ male.
We asked a couple of the dancers to explain what É Talon means to them.

Isaac; as a flamboyant child who preferred ballet shoes to football boots growing up in a small suburb of Australia, masculinity is a concept with which I have never grappled. Many years later, I have now come to realise that masculinity is nothing more than a construct created to stifle originality and hinder the development of non-conformists like myself. Having had this epiphany I am evermore content, creative and confident. E-Talon translates this epiphany into a reality. The show is more than just an evening of dance, drink and delight. It challenges the very concept of conformity on which masculinity is prefaced.

Raf; performing in a show like eltalon ,apart from keeping your balance on 6 inch stilettos, is a great challenge for an artist because you constantly keep making rules that you ought to break regarding today’s society. Male and female “prototypes” have stigmatized us for many years but the time has come for us to let loose, explore and accept. the celebration of being a man without restrictions and taboos.
Steve; so I think art can really help change the mind and influence people to challenge themselves and their thoughts on their vision on the world and the world they want to live in. I grew up in a very “traditional” masculine and straight world where even my mum is more masculine than half the men in London and could out work and out drink any of them (maybe not the Irish ones). I think her masculine influence showed me that masculinity doesn’t come from a dick but more of an attitude. It’s these “imagination” balls that I think everyone posses and should act on. To stand up, fight and change the world. E Talon challenges that stigma that men should only be masculine and this perfect plan of a man and that’s the only thing a sexy man can be. NO. We can be anything we make ourselves. Always, Love and magic .

É Talon the show, is this Monday evening 4th September at 7pm, at Cirque le Soir. Tickets from £25.

For more information, or to book tickets, visit the É Talon page or the Facebook event page.